Programs at Theophany School

June 16, 2020 - Dear Friends, the Theophany School Board of Directors has reluctantly determined that it is necessary to suspend the School’s operations for the next school year 2020-21. The uncertainty regarding the transmission of the virus and the new requirements to reopen schools lead us to believe it is the best interest of our families and staff to suspend operations. Read More »

Creating a Learning Community

At Theophany School every child is known and loved. The child is the center of the curriculum, and teachers strive to meet the individual developmental needs of each child.  Our classrooms are designed to encourage learning by discovery; children learn to express their ideas in a community of learners guided by seasoned teachers. Our curriculum is driven by:

  • integrated thematic units that touch on relevant topics in our students’ lives,
  • teacher-directed activities balanced with free play,
  • relationships with peers and teachers that foster community responsibility, and
  • recognition and respect for God’s creation
Little Doves Program
Little Doves Program

Through exploration, exposure, inquiry, routine and support, the Little Doves Program will help your child take precious, little steps towards a big, bright future.In a warm, loving Orthodox Christian environment that is safe, secure, students transition gently from home to a school setting. Caring, degreed, and fully-licensed teachers nurture students as they meet their milestones.

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Preschool Program
Preschool Program

The preschool program focuses on cognitive, social/emotional, linguistic, and kinesthetic development. Our teachers use developmentally appropriate approaches to learning: play-based, musical, artistic, and academic. Students begin to develop a love of learning, gaining skills within a structured, nurturing environment preparing them for their future schooling.

Pre-K Kindergarten
Pre-K/Kindergarten Program

Our pre-k/kindergarten is a full-day program that emphasizes reading, writing, and math skills along with supplementary science and social studies curricula. Small class sizes and accelerated academic programming allows students of all levels to succeed and thrive. Children are active learners who help guide the curriculum with their interests. 

Further Extended Hours 

We understand that our parents have busy lives and obligations that often extend beyond normal school hours. To offset that, we have Extended Day Programs for all ages. 


We recognize that every child is created in the image and likeness of God.  Through our three-tiered approach to education—social/emotional, academic, and spiritual—we take responsibility for helping our students to grow into the fullness of who they were created to be by:

Enlightening the Mind

Our students are encouraged to soar by exploring materials and curriculum at their own pace. Our curriculum and expectations ensure that students not only excel, but create habits for them to succeed after they leave our program.

Engaging the Senses

Children experience and experiment with the world around them, making connections and encouraging lifelong exploration. At Theophany School, children are given developmentally appropriate activities that broaden their understanding of the curriculum and cater to all learning styles.

Nurturing the Spirit

Our students grow spiritually through daily prayer, good works, and in relationship with the world around them. Our focus fosters open, thoughtful communication, respect for all of God’s creation, forgiveness, and humility.



Educational Model

Theophany School's educational model of thematic curriculum, small class sizes, and faith-based teaching, creates many opportunities for students to shine. By utilizing multi-sensory, cross curricular learning strategies, our students are better able to access and connect with information through their various modes of intelligence. This empowers them to see relationships and explore their world in a deeper way.

Thematic Curriculum

The curriculum is based upon monthly thematic units that are geared to the developmental needs of our students and touch upon meaningful and relevant topics in our young student’s lives. 


Enrichment is an important part of our curriculum. We strive to provide opportunities for children to experience the curriculum both inside and outside the classroom. To learn more about our enrichment opportunities, click here!



Little DovesWe know these early years are crucial and we want to help make the most of this valuable and formative time. Through exploration, exposure, inquiry, routine and support, the Little Doves Program will help your child take precious, little steps towards a big, bright future.

In a warm, loving Orthodox Christian environment that is safe, secure, students transition gently from home to a school setting. Caring, degreed, and fully-licensed teachers nurture students as they meet their milestones. A scaffolded curriculum allows children to progress year by year, building upon a firm foundation, preparing them for more structured learning in our preschool, pre-kindergarten, & kindergarten programs.




Parent Testimonials

Our main hope for our son, in his first year of preschool, was for him to have a joyful experience - to encounter learning, prayer, and life in the classroom as things to do with joy and gusto. I am so happy to say that Brendan not only was joyful in his first year at Theophany, but GREW - in knowledge, in ability, and in his God-given sense of self. The curriculum's focus on play was both rich and incredibly intentional - I always knew that Brendan's learning was anchored in an educational philosophy that I could trust, and that was appropriate for his age. And his teachers! He loves each teacher at Theophany, not just because they are kind, but because they love him too, just as they love each child in attendance. Cannot recommend highly enough. - Allison Troy

My husband and I were very blessed to have all three of our children attend Theophany School. The staff were incredibly caring, provided engaging daily activities, and developed wonderful relationships with our children. The class sizes were small which allowed the teachers to differentiate to meet students' learning needs. Our son was more than ready to move on to 1st grade after attending Theophany. In addition, we found it very beneficial that Theophany School offered extended hours with special programming. My 3 and 5 year old enjoyed participating in gym class and dance lessons. I highly recommend Theophany School! - Melissa Christ

"It is a blessing to have an educational institution that builds an excellent academic education on the basis of Orthodox faith. Theophany has enriched our kids and our family’s life in numerous ways. It offers the unique combination of a faithful and academically rigorous environment with the best teachers and staff, who come to school every day with smiles, patience and love for the kids and the Orthodox faith. This is what makes my kids so happy to be at Theophany. And having our kids love their school and be happy going to school every day is priceless! Theophany offers the opportunity for kids and families to live in an Orthodox way in their every day life as an extension of life in church. From celebrating saints’ lives to being taught how to make prosforon (blessed bread), Orthodoxy becomes a part of every day life for our kids as well as part of their culture. And this Orthodox education goes hand-in-hand with strong academic education, meeting and exceeding the standards of other schools. From studying famous artists, like Gustav Klimt, to studying physics experiments already as three year olds, my kids have gained not only a great education but have also acquired a great love of learning that will last a lifetime." -Youly Diamanti-Karanou

“Our family is so grateful for Theophany School. There might not be another preschool/Kindergarten program like it in the country! The staff at Theophany are providing excellent, engaging instruction in an extremely loving, Orthodox Christian environment. Because of this, our son is thriving in school. The amount of growth we have seen in him over the past year and half is exciting! At Theophany, he is learning much more than his ABCs-while he progresses academically, he’s also learning to love God and his neighbor.” - Annie Swehla




Enrichment Opportunities

We know from decades of experience and countless studies on learning styles that children learn best when their senses are engaged. By utilizing multi-sensory, cross curricular learning strategies, our students are empowered to make connections and explore their world in a deeper way. We strive to incorporate as many of these strategies as possible into our daily routine here at Theophany School through our Enrichment Programs, which include weekly programs, monthly visitors, and field trips. 

In School

Music with Ms. Despina focuses on the fundamentals of music using voice and instruments to allow students to express themselves musically.

Movement & Music with Dancy Nancy allows the children to move, dance, play, and collaborate in this creative, kinesthetic class.

Art with Ms. Sarah guides students as they learn about different artists to create art, integrated with our curriculum, from observation, prompts, imagination, and memory.

After School

Monday—All Star Sports
Focuses on a new sport each month integrating gross motor skills, coordination, and balance building leadership skills along with team work.

Tuesday—It’s All Greek to Me
Incorporates conversational Greek with basic phonics along with the music and culture of Greece. OPA!

Cultivates a love of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics while encouraging creativity and resourcefulness.

Thursday—Inventor’s Creation
Study of inventors and their inventions which allows designing, planning, and creation of own inventions.

Friday—Russian Folklore
Explores the folktales, crafts, foods, traditions and culture of Russian heritage.


Art with Ms. Sarah

Sarah Livick-Moses is the Art teacher at Theophany School. She lives on the campus of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology with her husband, John. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Hellenic College in Literature and History, and is currently working towards her Masters Degree in Theological Studies with a concentrated interest in Theology of Culture, Literature, and Art from Boston College School of Theology and Ministry. Sarah loves to paint and study iconography in her free time.

Ms. Sarah’s art program is heavily based on process art and creating art from observation, prompts, imagination, and memory. Process art focuses on the journey rather than the destination, allowing children to learn patience and accomplish something important rather than receiving instant results. He art program is highly integrated with children’s literature and the monthly curricular themes to educate children to think like artists and encourage comfort with uninhibited creativity, idea generation, and interdisciplinary study.

Creative Movement & Dance with Dancy Nancy

Ms. Nancy Krieger is a Dance-Movement Therapist and Creative Movement Teacher. After 13 years of formal ballet training in Dallas, TX, Nancy Krieger earned a BS in Psychology at Goucher College, Md; and then a Masters in Fine Arts in Dance (MFA) at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. She also studied Dance-Movement Therapy at the Carl Jung Center in Houston. She worked as a therapist for 7 years in the child and adolescent units at Terrell State Hospital (TX) and became a registered Dance-Movement Therapist (R-DMT) of the American Dance Therapy Association. She moved to the Boston area where she worked for 3 years with chronic pain patients at the New England Rehabilitation Hospital (Woburn). Currently, she teaches Creative Movement in Boston/Needham area preschools – where she is known as ‘Dancy Nancy’, offering developmentally appropriate movement/kinesthetic awareness, expressive, communicative, explorative repertoire, based on diverse styles and modalities. She also works with children with multi-abilities, including developmental delays and challenges, providing enriched experiences and therapeutic opportunities. Nancy continues to supervise Dance-Movement Therapy trainees and give continuing education workshops in Stress-Management and Teacher’s Continuing Education with Mindful Movement in the Classroom (Kinesthetic Learning). She also sings in a community chorus and is an active community volunteer (e.g., reading programs).

As a developmental movement specialist, Ms. Nancy brings enrichment to the class by enhancing and inspiring the creative-kinesthetic developmental process for children and their teachers. Developmental movement awareness and experiences are synonymous with growth and a child’s development. Their first interaction with the world is through the moving body – pre-birth, pre-sight, pre-verbal…Children move naturally and benefit from the experience of using this natural impulse to explore themselves, others and the world around them. Use of movement/dance in the classroom enhances learning by providing physical, emotional and aesthetic attention.