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June 16, 2020 - Dear Friends, the Theophany School Board of Directors has reluctantly determined that it is necessary to suspend the School’s operations for the next school year 2020-21. The uncertainty regarding the transmission of the virus and the new requirements to reopen schools lead us to believe it is the best interest of our families and staff to suspend operations. Read More »

Our Mission

Theophany School fosters the intellectual, moral, and social development of our students by engaging their minds, nurturing their spirits, and enriching their God-given gifts and talents through the teachings and life of the Holy Orthodox Christian Church.

Why Choose Theophany School?

Since its beginning in 1997, Theophany School has provided excellence in early childhood education and is certified by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education & Care. Parents enroll their children the the school knowing that their children will receive a high quality education while in the love and warmth of an Orthodox environment. Theophany School offers its students challenging academics in a creative and familial environment dedicated to cultivating the minds and hearts of our students as they develop a love of learning, service, and respect for the other. We embrace students and families of all faith backgrounds and welcome the diversity they bring to our school.




Board of Directors

Richard Robbat is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and has worked in public education as a teacher, curriculum director, (Interim) Assistant Superintendent of Schools, and Superintendent of Schools.  He was responsible for the initiation of processes for and implementation of PreK-12 curriculum initiatives and staff development. As Superintendent of Schools, he was involved with two school building projects. Richard has held leadership positions in parish and in diocese organizations, and continues to be active in both. He is married to Violet, and they have two children. Richard can be reached via email at robbatr@gmail.com.

James Kostaras has been an active member of the Theophany school community since its very beginning. James is an architect and urban planner with the Institute for International Urban Development in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA) with global and US-based experience. He has advised on projects in Haiti, Bolivia, Columbia, Belize, Mexico, Chile and Morocco, funded by UN-HABITAT, the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and other organizations. Mr. Kostaras received his B.Arch. from RISD and his master of architecture in urban design from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. From 1979 -1981, he served as an architect in the U.S. Peace Corps in Morocco.

Nicholas Kourtis and his wife Jane have been devoted supporters of Theophany School from the start.  Nick was on Theophany School’s founding team at its very first meeting in 1996.  Their two children are graduates of Theophany School; their older daughter was a student in the first Theophany School class.  Nick is a graduate of Boston Latin School, Univ. of Mass-Amherst, and Harvard Law School. Nick began his career practicing corporate law in Boston and then became a principal and senior executive in a series of early stage technology companies. Most recently, Nick was the Chief Operating Officer of TwinStrata, a cloud storage software company, until its sale to EMC Corporation in 2014 where he is currently a Director of Business Operations. Nick is a parishioner at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Weston, MA where he serves on the Parish Council. Nick is also a member of the Metropolis Council of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston, and the Alpha Omega Council.

Linda Ayoub

Corporate Board

Nicholas Kourtis



Our History

In 1996, a group of faithful Orthodox Christians in the Boston area met informally about the possibility of starting an Orthodox school. The dedicated committee, with great effort and the ever-present aid of the Holy Spirit, proceeded to lease a site, hire qualified Orthodox teachers, recruit students, and secure the required state and local licensing in order to open its doors.

In September 1997, Theophany School, a Pan-Orthodox Christian school, officially opened with two classes, one for three-year olds and one for four-year olds. Seventeen children were enrolled for the 1997-1998 school year.

A kindergarten class was added, and it remains the school’s dream to grow into a full elementary school. Theophany has spent more than two decades building confidence in the minds of parents and the larger community. The School has gained a reputation as a thoughtful and reputable educational institution. Theophany continues to expand the depth and breadth of its program which has served to develop a solid foundation on which to build its future.

Parents have consistently enrolled their children in the School, knowing that their children will receive a high-quality education in the love and warmth of an Orthodox Christian environment. Parents of alumni return to tell us what an excellent preschool education their children received, and how well-prepared their children have been for kindergarten.

The founders believed in a School that reaches out to all Greater-Boston Orthodox Christian communities. As a Pan-Orthodox School, we educate students from Greek, Bulgarian, Chinese, Lebanese, Egyptian, Irish, Russian, Indian, Syrian and Latin American backgrounds; watching these children play, pray, and learn together is a beautiful reminder that we are all one in the Body of Christ. We ask for your prayers as we continue the important work of educating our youth.





Why an Orthodox Christian Preschool?

by Fr. Nicholas Belcher, Former Theophany Parent and Board Member

“Train up a child in the way he should go and even when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  Proverbs 22:6

Theophany School’s mission is to offer a first-rate educational experience for children – meeting or exceeding all of the standards set by educational specialists and state accrediting agencies – in an Orthodox Christian environment. In our day and age, the race to get into the most prestigious colleges seemingly cannot begin soon enough, so the school’s emphasis on educational excellence is something readily understood by all, but why is the Orthodox Christian environment so important to the mission of Theophany School?

I believe part of the answer can be found in the writings of a second century martyr of the Church, Saint Justin the Philosopher, who wrote a treatise to the Roman Emperor questioning the persecution of the Christians. He argued that the Emperor was punishing those who were his best citizens, or in his words “more than all other men are we your helpers and allies in promoting peace.” Why? Citizens of worldly kingdoms follow laws out of fear of punishment and will more often than not break those laws when there is feeling that nobody is watching – think tax deductions and speed limits! Christians, as citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom, strive to please God at all times, knowing that He always sees not only our actions but the movements of our hearts. While earthly laws can only address fairness and safety, the commandments of God address love, compassion, forgiveness, patience, meekness, and virtue.

What Saint Justin’s point says about education is that there are many schools that will teach children the necessary skills and basic rules of politeness to be citizens of society, but Theophany School is concerned with the more important matters of the heart – raising citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Just as Saint Justin argued that Christians were the best citizens of Rome, I believe our children from Theophany, while benefiting from an education second to none, will be the best prepared for life because their hearts have been nurtured in virtue and holiness.

Why is Christian education so important for preschool-aged children? As we see from the quote above, the training of children is vitally important from the earliest age. While it is true that the children are too young to learn academic theology, Theophany students are exposed to the truest theology of meeting God in prayer and through love of one another. The hearts of children are so receptive to the action of God’s Grace that Christ said we as adults can only be saved by becoming as they are. What better time to place our children in a Grace-filled environment with icons and prayers and singing than at this tender age! How much we can learn from them in turn – something to which any Theophany parent who has joined their child in the Morning Prayer can attest! As Proverbs says, once our children experience the sweetness of a life in Christ, they will always return to it in their lives.

To conclude, Theophany School will continue to provide excellence in academic preparation for its students while providing an Orthodox Christian environment, nurturing the best citizens of both this world and Kingdom of Heaven.


What does "Theophany" Mean?

The Feast of the Holy Theophany (Epiphany) of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ is celebrated each year on January 6. The Feast commemorates the Baptism of Christ and the divine revelation of the Holy Trinity. At the Baptism of Christ, all three Persons of the Holy Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—were made manifest. Thus, the name of the Feast is Epiphany, meaning manifestation, or Theophany, meaning manifestation of God.  You can read more about The Feast of Theophany here.


Under which Jurisdiction does Theophany School Fall?

Theophany School does not fall under any one particular jurisdiction.  Over the course of our history, we've been blessed to have students hailing from a variety the many jurisdictions surrounding the Boston area, including the Greek, Antiochian, Ukrainian, Syriac and Albanian dioceses.  Theophany School works in conjuction with a spiritual advisor, and gratefully operates under the blessings of several hierarchs, including:

+His Eminence Metropolitan METHODIOS
+His Eminence Metropolitan JOSEPH
+His Grace Bishop JOHN
+His Grace Bishop ILIA
+His Grace Archbishop MOR CYRIL APHREM KARIM
+His Grace Bishop NICHOLAS J. SAMRA