Update on Theophany School (Massachusetts Pan-Orthodox Academic Foundation, Inc.)

July 2021

Dear Friends,

We hope this finds you well and that 2021 has brought many blessings to you and your families.

For the last 23 years, over 500 young children and their families have experienced an exceptional Orthodox Christian education at Theophany School in Needham, MA. Theophany School fostered the intellectual, moral, and social development of its students by engaging their minds as well as nurturing and enriching their God- given gifts and talents through the teachings and life of the Holy Orthodox Christian Church.

As you may know, it became necessary to suspend the School’s operations for the 2020-21 school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately Theophany School will not reopen in September 2021 and will close permanently.

Every day since its founding in 1997, Theophany School embodied its mission of providing excellent early education and primary education programming to serve and help unite the Orthodox Christian community of Greater Boston. The School succeeded in that mission. Theophany School students gathered daily, united in their faith, regardless of ethnic or ancestral or other origins. Much learning took place, for all ages, wonderful friendships were made, memories created, and those will all endure. Most importantly, over 500 children’s first steps outside of their homes were into an Orthodox Christian school where they experienced the love and care of fellow Orthodox Christian teachers, classmates, and supporters.

The Board of Directors would like to thank all those individuals and organizations who have worked so tirelessly, and contributed so generously, for this holy mission for the last 23 years, in so many ways, known and unknown. There was extraordinary effort expended by many people, and many families, from Orthodox parishes near and far, to promote this mission for so many years, to the point of its natural ending.

May God bless each of you and your families.

The Theophany School Board of Directors

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