Our Founder

SoniaA beautiful young woman named Sonia Daly, inspired by her own high school experience, had a dream that one day, Orthodox Christian children in the Boston area would benefit from a strong academic and spiritual education founded in the teachings of the Holy Orthodox Christian Church. Just barely 18 years old, but with enough determination to light the world on fire, Sonia set out to make this dream a reality. She gathered up Orthodox faithful from around the region and started something extraordinary. Theophany School, which began as a dream in her heart, opened its doors to 17 beautiful children when Sonia was just 21.

Sonia’s dedication to her Church and her unwavering faith in our Lord are what guided the School as it grew. The many highs and lows that came our way were always accompanied by Sonia’s mantra, “God will provide;” her confident and Christ-centered voice would quickly erase our doubts with the words we grew to know so well “All things are possible through Christ Jesus Who strengthens us.” Sonia, a model of faith for us all, was always right; He always provided for us and He did strengthen us.  Though now but a quiet voice in our hearts, we pray that we will continue to hear those words, needing more than ever for Christ to strengthen us in these our saddest of days.

Our beloved Sonia, we promise to pick up the torch which you have carried so faithfully and to build on your dreams for Theophany School. May your memory be eternal, our dear sister in Christ, we will miss you more than words can begin to express.